Vermont Tax Lien Certificates

Sale Type: Lien
Interest Rate: 12% per annum
Bid Method: Highest Bidder/Bid Down Ownership
Redemption Period: 1 year
Sale Date(s): Varies by County
Statute Section(s): VT Statutes – Title 32, CH 133
Over-the-Counter: No
State Website:
  • There are 237 Towns and 9 Cities that collect real property taxes. Typically, the Town Treasurer or Tax Collector collects real property taxes; however, a town can choose one of five procedures to collect taxes:
    1. If a Town takes no action, the First Constable automatically becomes the Collector of Taxes.
    2. Town may vote to elect a Tax Collector who collects both current and delinquent taxes.
    3. Town may vote to have the Town Treasurer collect taxes; however the Town may also vote to have delinquent taxes collected by the Collector of Taxes, by the Collector of Delinquent Taxes or by the Constable (if neither Collector is elected)
    4. If a town has adopted the Town Manager form of government, it can vote to have the Town Manager collect taxes; however if the town has voted to have the Town Treasurer collect current taxes, then the Town Manages can collect only delinquent taxes and 5. If the town is without a Tax Collector, the Town Selectboard can hire someone to collect what taxes the Town Treasurer does not. For further information, go to

Vermont Resources

Resource Description Instructions and Additional Information
City and Town Offices contact information: The Vermont League of Cities and Towns provides a Municipal Directory providing, in an Excel file.
Treasury & Clerks contact information: The Vermont Secretary of State provides a Guide to Vermont’s Town Clerks, Treasurers & County Clerks, in PDF format:
Vermont Towns & Cities The Office of the Vermont Secretary of State provides links to Vermont Town and City web sites:


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Vermont County Resource Directory

Everything you want to know that about Vermont Tax Line Certificates is a click away. In this table below, you can click on County for links to the County websites, click Census for U.S Census bureau information, see county auction types, population, and click the map image a detailed county map.

County Census Auction Type Population Map
Addison County 001 Joseph Addison (1672–1719), an English politician and writer. 36,821 State map highlighting Addison County
Bennington County 003 Benning Wentworth (1696–1770), the colonial governor of New Hampshire (1741–1766). 37,125 State map highlighting Bennington County
Caledonia County 005 Latin name for Scotland. 31,227 State map highlighting Caledonia County
Chittenden County 007 Thomas Chittenden (1730–1797), first governor of Vermont (1791–1797). 156,545 State map highlighting Chittenden County
Essex County 009 Essex, a county in England. 6,306 State map highlighting Essex County
Franklin County 011 Benjamin Franklin (1706–1790), one of the most critical Founding Fathers of the United States. 47,746 State map highlighting Franklin County
Grand Isle County 013 Largest island in Lake Champlain. 6,970 State map highlighting Grand Isle County
Lamoille County 015 La Mouelle (meaning the seagull), named by French explorer Samuel de Champlain (~1570–1635). 24,475 State map highlighting Lamoille County
Orange County 017 William of Orange (1650–1702), Prince of Orange. 28,936 State map highlighting Orange County
Orleans County 019 City of Orléans, France. 27,231 State map highlighting Orleans County
Rutland County 021 Town of Rutland, Massachusetts. 61,642 State map highlighting Rutland County
Washington County 023 George Washington (1732–1799), first President of the United States (1789–1797). 59,534 State map highlighting Washington County
Windham County 025 Town of Windham, Connecticut. 44,513 State map highlighting Windham County
Windsor County 027 Town of Windsor, Connecticut. 56,670 State map highlighting Windsor County

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Vermont County Map

Local Real Estate Clubs

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