Oregon Tax Deeds

Sale Type: Tax Deed Certificate
Interest Rate: NO Interest
Bid Method: Premium Bid
Redemption Period: NO Redemption Period
Sale Date(s): Spring (Usually May)
Statute Section(s):
Over-the-Counter: Yes – Properties that do not sell at the auction may be offered over the counter. Check with the treasurer for over the counter opportunities in each county.

Auction Dates

Auction dates vary from county to county. Most sales are held in the summer and fall months. Check with individual counties for exact dates.

Bidding Procedure

Premium Bid – Tax deeds are bid up in price until a high bid is established. The highest bidder will receive the deed to the property. Property owner have up until the day of the Auction to pay their taxes.


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Oregon County Resource Directory

Everything you want to know that about Oregon Tax Line Certificates is a click away. In this table below, you can click on County for links to the County websites, click Census for U.S Census bureau information, see county auction types, population, and click the map image a detailed county map.

County Census Auction Type Population Map
Baker County 001  Tax Deeds 16,134 State map highlighting Baker County
Benton County 003  Tax Deeds 85,579 State map highlighting Benton County
Clackamas County 005  Tax Deeds 375,992 State map highlighting Clackamas County
Clatsop County 007  Tax Deeds 37,039 State map highlighting Clatsop County
Columbia County 009  Tax Deeds 49,351 State map highlighting Columbia County
Coos County 011  Tax Deeds 63,043 State map highlighting Coos County
Crook County 013  Tax Deeds 20,978 State map highlighting Crook County
Curry County 015  Tax Deeds 22,364 State map highlighting Curry County
Deschutes County 017  Tax Deeds 157,733 State map highlighting Deschutes County
Douglas County 019  Tax Deeds 107,667 State map highlighting Douglas County
Gilliam County 021  Tax Deeds 1,871 State map highlighting Gilliam County
Grant County 023  Tax Deeds 7,445 State map highlighting Grant County
Harney County 025  Tax Deeds 7,422 State map highlighting Harney County
Hood River County 027  Tax Deeds 22,346 State map highlighting Hood River County
Jackson County 029  Tax Deeds 203,206 State map highlighting Jackson County
Jefferson County 031  Tax Deeds 21,720 State map highlighting Jefferson County
Josephine County 033  Tax Deeds 82,713 State map highlighting Josephine County
Klamath County 035  Tax Deeds 66,380 State map highlighting Klamath County
Lake County 037  Tax Deeds 7,895 State map highlighting Lake County
Lane County 039  Tax Deeds 351,715 State map highlighting Lane County
Lincoln County 041  Tax Deeds 46,034 State map highlighting Lincoln County
Linn County 043  Tax Deeds 116,672 State map highlighting Linn County
Malheur County 045  Tax Deeds 31,313 State map highlighting Malheur County
Marion County 047  Tax Deeds 315,335 State map highlighting Marion County
Morrow County 049  Tax Deeds 11,173 State map highlighting Morrow County
Multnomah County 051  Tax Deeds 735,334 State map highlighting Multnomah County
Polk County 053  Tax Deeds 75,403 State map highlighting Polk County
Sherman County 055  Tax Deeds 1,765 State map highlighting Sherman County
Tillamook County 057  Tax Deeds 25,250 State map highlighting Tillamook County
Umatilla County 059  Tax Deeds 75,889 State map highlighting Umatilla County
Union County 061  Tax Deeds 25,748 State map highlighting Union County
Wallowa County 063  Tax Deeds 7,008 State map highlighting Wallowa County
Wasco County 065  Tax Deeds 25,213 State map highlighting Wasco County
Washington County 067  Tax Deeds 529,710 State map highlighting Washington County
Wheeler County 069  Tax Deeds 1,441 State map highlighting Wheeler County
Yamhill County 071 Tax Deeds 99,193 State map highlighting Yamhill County

Reference Site Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_counties_in_Oregon

Oregon Tax Deeds

Local Real Estate Clubs

Southern Oregon Rental Owner’s Association
Contact: Craig Horton
Telephone: (541) 772-4180
When: 3rd Wednesday of the Month 7:00pm
Where: Varies (call), MedfordFirst Oregon NCE
Contact: Douglas Watson
Telephone: (503) 931-1018
When: Second Tuesday of every month – 8:30am
Where: Hereford Steer Restaurant, AlbanyCreative Real Estate Strategies
Contact: Craig Wood
Telephone: (541) 345-9902
When: First Wednesday of the month – 6:00pm
Where: 1600 Valley River Dr., Suite 370, EugeneOregon CCIM Chapter 36
Contact: Richard Wielde
Telephone: (503) 292-3232
When: First Wednesday of the month – 10:00am
Where: Multnomah Athletic Club, PortlandM.A.R.T.
Contact: Richard Wielde
Telephone: (503) 292-3232
When: First Thursday of the month – 9:00am
Where: Founders Club at Atwaters, PortlandObjective Real Estate
Contact: Raleigh Reese
Telephone: (541) 688-7483
When: First Wednesday of the month – 6:00pm
Where: 1680 Ridgefield, EugeneNorthWest Real Estate Investors, Inc.
Website http://www.nwreii.org Contact: Mark LaNore – President
Telephone: (503) 730-8495
When: 1st Monday of each month – 6:30pm
Where: Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)
located at 1945 SE Water Avenue, Portland

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