New York Tax Deeds

Sale Type: Deeds – except in NYC where liens are sold
Bid Method: High Bid
Sale Date(s): Year Round
Statute Section(s): NY Real Property Tax Law – CH 50-a, Article 11
Over-the-Counter: Yes – County Level
State Website:
  • GIS and mapping data – This state site is a very good resource to find state, county, and other municipal GIS systems.
  • The five counties of New York City were incorporated together as boroughs in 1898, as follows:
    • Manhattan, New York County
    • Queens, Queens County
    • Brooklyn, Kings County
    • Bronx, Bronx County
    • Staton Island, Richmond County
  • Obtaining county records has been made easier because of “FOIL”, a Freedom of Information Law that requires all of the government agencies to disclose and provide records free of hassle and real cost. This means parcel maps, title history, relevant property data is available through a quick email. For more information, click here. and other Deed preparation and recording information.
  • This Allegany County deed recording page is a great resource for instructions on recording deeds in New York.
  • In the state of New York, each deed must be accompanied by a Real Property Transfer Report. Click here to view the forms and instrucitons.

New York Resources

Resource Description Instructions and Additional Information
NY municipalities usings Image Mate Image Mate is a website that a handful of New York municipalities use for their parcel search and/or GIS data searches.
NYC’s Department of Finance Tax lien certificate sales occur in the 5 burrows; however, the liens are not offered for sale to individual investors or to the general public. Detailed information can be found here.
Brzostek’s Auctions: Brzostek’s Auctions is an online auction site who has handled the Jefferson County and Onondaga County auctions for the past couple of years.
Reynolds Auctions Handles tax deed auctions for Ontario County, Tompkins County, and Tioga County in 2007. Renolds is scheduled to handle Ontario County’s auction again in 2008


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New York County Resource Directory

Everything you want to know that about New York Tax Line Certificates is a click away. In this table below, you can click on County for links to the County websites, click Census for U.S Census bureau information, see county auction types, population, and click the map image a detailed county map.

County Census Auction Type Population Map
Albany County 001  Deed 304,204 State map highlighting Albany County
Allegany County 003  Deed 48,946 State map highlighting Allegany County
Bronx County 005  Deed 1,385,108 State map highlighting Bronx County
Broome County 007  Deed 200,600 State map highlighting Broome County
Cattaraugus County 009  Deed 80,317 State map highlighting Cattaraugus County
Cayuga County 011  Deed 80,026 State map highlighting Cayuga County
Chautauqua County 013  Deed 134,905 State map highlighting Chautauqua County
Chemung County 015  Deed 88,830 State map highlighting Chemung County
Chenango County 017  Deed 50,477 State map highlighting Chenango County
Clinton County 019  Deed 82,128 State map highlighting Clinton County
Columbia County 021  Deed 63,096 State map highlighting Columbia County
Cortland County 023  Deed 49,336 State map highlighting Cortland County
Delaware County 025  Deed 47,980 State map highlighting Delaware County
Dutchess County 027  Deed 297,488 State map highlighting Dutchess County
Erie County 029  Deed 919,040 State map highlighting Erie County
Essex County 031  Deed 39,370 State map highlighting Essex County
Franklin County 033  Deed 51,599 State map highlighting Franklin County
Fulton County 035  Deed 55,531 State map highlighting Fulton County
Genesee County 037  Deed 60,079 State map highlighting Genesee County
Greene County 039  Deed 49,221 State map highlighting Greene County
Hamilton County 041  Deed 4,836 State map highlighting Hamilton County
Herkimer County 043  Deed 64,519 State map highlighting Herkimer County
Jefferson County 045  Deed 116,229 State map highlighting Jefferson County
Kings County 047  Deed 2,504,700 State map highlighting Kings County
Lewis County 049  Deed 27,087 State map highlighting Lewis County
Livingston County 051 Deed 65,393 State map highlighting Livingston County
Madison County 053  Deed 73,442 State map highlighting Madison County
Monroe County 055  Deed 744,344 State map highlighting Monroe County
Montgomery County 057 Deed 50,219 State map highlighting Montgomery County
Nassau County 059  Deed 1,339,532 State map highlighting Nassau County
New York County 061  Deed 1,585,873 State map highlighting New York County
Niagara County 063  Deed 216,469 State map highlighting Niagara County
Oneida County 065  Deed 234,878 State map highlighting Oneida County
Onondaga County 067  Deed 467,026 State map highlighting Onondaga County
Ontario County 069  Deed 107,931 State map highlighting Ontario County
Orange County 071  Deed 372,813 State map highlighting Orange County
Orleans County 073  Deed 42,883 State map highlighting Orleans County
Oswego County 075  Deed 122,109 State map highlighting Oswego County
Otsego County 077  Deed 62,259 State map highlighting Otsego County
Putnam County 079  Deed 99,710 State map highlighting Putnam County
Queens County 081  Deed 2,230,722 State map highlighting Queens County
Rensselaer County 083  Deed 159,429 State map highlighting Rensselaer County
Richmond County 085  Deed 468,730 State map highlighting Richmond County
Rockland County 087  Deed 311,687 State map highlighting Rockland County
St. Lawrence County 089  Deed 111,944 State map highlighting St. Lawrence County
Saratoga County 091  Deed 219,607 State map highlighting Saratoga County
Schenectady County 093  Deed 154,727 State map highlighting Schenectady County
Schoharie County 095  Deed 32,749 State map highlighting Schoharie County
Schuyler County 097  Deed 18,343 State map highlighting Schuyler County
Seneca County 099  Deed 35,251 State map highlighting Seneca County
Steuben County 101  Deed 98,990 State map highlighting Steuben County
Suffolk County 103  Deed 1,493,350 State map highlighting Suffolk County
Sullivan County 105  Deed 77,547 State map highlighting Sullivan County
Tioga County 107  Deed 51,125 State map highlighting Tioga County
Tompkins County 109  Deed 101,564 State map highlighting Tompkins County
Ulster County 111  Deed 182,493 State map highlighting Ulster County
Warren County 113  Deed 65,707 State map highlighting Warren County
Washington County 115  Deed 63,216 State map highlighting Washington County
Wayne County 117  Deed 93,772 State map highlighting Wayne County
Westchester County 119  Deed 949,113 State map highlighting Westchester County
Wyoming County 121  Deed 42,155 State map highlighting Wyoming County
Yates County 123 Deed 25,348 State map highlighting Yates County

Reference Site Source:

New York Tax County Map

Local Real Estate Clubs

Upstate NY Real Estate Investors Association
Web site: Contact: Scott Gonyeo
Email Telephone: (585) 388-6326
When: Last Thursday of the Month, 7:00pm
Where: Pelham Bay Diner (rear banquet room) @1920 East Gun Hill Road
Web site: Contact: Attorney Teresa R. Martin
Email Telephone: 646.278.6724
When: 2nd Wednesday of the Month; 6pm
Where: New Yorker Hotel (see website)Ultimate Investors Real Estate Club, Inc.
Web site: Contact: Wesley Barney
Telephone: (718) 424-7583
When: Last Tuesday of the Month, 7:00pm
Where: (see Web Site), New York City

Orange County, New York – Real Estate Club
Contact: Carrie Jean Sabins
Telephone: (888) 496-9035
When: Wednesdays 8:00pm
Where: Washingtonville Business Center
32 West Main, Washingtonville

Contact: James Bayfield
Email Telephone: (718) 341-2327
When: Last Thursday of the month 7:00 pm – 9:00pm – Email to confirm
Where: Occasion Catering hall 127 Ave & Merrick Blvd
St. Albans, NY

Real Estate Investors of Central New York
Contact: Jack Zimmerman
Telephone: (315) 475-0701
When: 2nd Wednesday of the Month
6:00pm Dinner, 7:00 Meeting
Where: The Genesse Inn, Syracuse

Western New York Real Estate Investors
Contact: Nick Sidoti
Telephone: (716) 773-2980
When: 3rd Wednesday of the Month 7:00pm
Where: Hearthstone Manor,
333 Dick Rd., DePew (Buffalo)

National Real Estate Symposium
Contact: Pamela Minyard
Telephone: (914) 964-1177
When: First Wednesday of the Month 7:30pm
Where: Marriott Hotel,
Between 45th & 46th St., New York

Greater Westchester Real Estate Investor’s Association
Website: Contact: Marlene Lambert
Telephone: (917) 449 2009
When: Fourth Tuesday of the Month 6:30pm
Where: Ramada Plaza Hotel
New Rochelle

Adirondack Creative Funding
Contact: Martha Woodbury
Telephone: (518) 798-4374
When: 1st Tuesday of every Month, 7:00pm
Where: 71 Fort Amherst Road
Glens Falls

Mid-Hudson Valley Real Estate Investment Club Contact: Curt Darragh
Telephone: (877) 571-0918
When: 3rd Tuesday of every Month, 7:30pm
Where: 362 Violet Hill Ave.(Check Site)

New York State Real Estate Investors Association
Website: www.nyreia.orgm Contact: Bob Eberle
Email Telephone: (518)786-8896
When: 3rd Tuesday of every Month, 6pm
Where: Hudson Valley Community College

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