Massachusetts Tax Deeds (Hybrid)

Sale Type: Hybrid
Bid Method: Premium bid
Sale Date(s): All year round
Statute Section(s): MA General Laws – CH 60
Over-the-Counter: No
State Website:


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Massachusetts County Resource Directory

Everything you want to know that about Massachusetts Tax Line Certificates is a click away. In this table below, you can click on County for links to the County websites, click Census for U.S Census bureau information, see county auction types, population, and click the map image a detailed county map.

County Census Auction Type Population Map
Barnstable County 001  Tax Lien 215,888 State map highlighting Barnstable County
Berkshire County 003  Tax Lien 131,219 State map highlighting Berkshire County
Bristol County 005  Tax Lien 548,285 State map highlighting Bristol County
Dukes County 007  Tax Lien 16,535 State map highlighting Dukes County
Essex County 009  Tax Lien 743,159 State map highlighting Essex County
Franklin County 011  Tax Lien 71,372 State map highlighting Franklin County
Hampden County 013  Tax Lien 463,490 State map highlighting Hampden County
Hampshire County 015  Tax Lien 158,080 State map highlighting Hampshire County
Middlesex County 017  Tax Lien 1,503,085 State map highlighting Middlesex County
Nantucket County 019  Tax Lien 10,172 State map highlighting Nantucket County
Norfolk County 021  Tax Lien 670,850 State map highlighting Norfolk County
Plymouth County 023  Tax Lien 494,919 State map highlighting Plymouth County
Suffolk County 025  Tax Lien 722,023 State map highlighting Suffolk County
Worcester County 027  Tax Lien 798,552 State map highlighting Worcester County

Reference Site Source:

Massachusetts County Map

Local Real Estate Clubs

Baystate Wealth Builders
Website: Contact: Dave Lindahl
Telephone: (781) 447-6881
When: 3rd Tuesday of the month 7:00pm
Where: Fairfield Inn

Massachusetts Real Estate Investors Association (MREIA)
Contact: Mike Hurney
Telephone: (781) 631-8018
When: Last Tuesday of the Month 7:00pm
Where: Peabody Marriott Hotel, Peabody

New England Real Estate Investors Association
Contact: Mike Hurney
Telephone: (718) 631-8018
When: Third Tuesday of every Month 7:00pm
Where: Dedham Comfort Inn

Cape Cod Investment Club
Contact: Dick Cunningham
Telephone: (508) 759-7700
When: 3rd Tuesday of every Month 7:00pm
Where: Lobster Bowl
3013 Cranberry Hwy, Wareham

Southern Worcester County Landlords Association (SWCLA)
Donat Charron, President
Telephone: (508) 764-7077
When: 1st Monday of the Month 7:00 PM
Where: Grace Reformed Baptist Church – 22 Hamilton Street
Southbridge, MA

North East Real Estate Investor’s Group
Contact: Chris Florek
Telephone: (781) 297-0202
When: 2nd Thursday of every Month 7:00pm
Where: The Realty Center, Inc.
1256 Park Street, Stoughton

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