Maine Tax Deeds

Sale Type: Deed
Bid Method: Premium Bid
Sale Date(s): All year around
Statute Section(s): ME Revised Statutes – Title 36, Part 2, CH 105
Over-the-Counter: No
State Website:

Maine Resources

Resource Description Instructions and/or Additional Information
Main Local Government City, Town, and Village Tax Collector and Assessor information via the websites provided Use the ‘county’ drop-down menu to select a county, then click ‘go.’ You’ll then be able to select any city, town, or township within the county, which will lead you to their respective tax collector and assessor departments.
Maine County Commissioners Association Contact information for all 16 County Treasurers in Maine Find the county of interest


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Maine County Resource Directory

Everything you want to know that about Maine Tax Line Certificates is a click away. In this table below, you can click on County for links to the County websites, click Census for U.S Census bureau information, see county auction types, population, and click the map image a detailed county map.

County Census Auction Type Population Map
Androscoggin County 001  Tax Deeds 107,702 State map highlighting Androscoggin County
Aroostook County 003  Tax Deeds 71,870 State map highlighting Aroostook County
Cumberland County 005  Tax Deeds 281,674 State map highlighting Cumberland County
Franklin County 007  Tax Deeds 30,768 State map highlighting Franklin County
Hancock County 009  Tax Deeds 54,418 State map highlighting Hancock County
Kennebec County 011  Tax Deeds 122,151 State map highlighting Kennebec County
Knox County 013  Tax Deeds 39,736 State map highlighting Knox County
Lincoln County 015  Tax Deeds 34,457 State map highlighting Lincoln County
Oxford County 017  Tax Deeds 57,833 State map highlighting Oxford County
Penobscot County 019  Tax Deeds 153,923 State map highlighting Penobscot County
Piscataquis County 021  Tax Deeds 17,535 State map highlighting Piscataquis County
Sagadahoc County 023  Tax Deeds 35,293 State map highlighting Sagadahoc County
Somerset County 025  Tax Deeds 52,228 State map highlighting Somerset County
Waldo County 027  Tax Deeds 38,786 State map highlighting Waldo County
Washington County 029  Tax Deeds 32,856 State map highlighting Washington County
York County 031  Tax Deeds 197,131 State map highlighting York County

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Maine County Map

Local Real Estate Clubs

Contact: Clint Wotton
Telephone: (207) 351-3366
When: Last Saturday of the Month, 7:00pm
Where: Stage Neck Inn, York Harbor
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