California Tax Deeds

Method of Sales: Deed
Bid Style: Premium Bid
Auctioning Period: Varies by County – Common in the Springtime Months
Governing Statutes: CA Revenue and taxation Code – Div 1, Part 6,7,7.5
Over-the-Counter: No
Website for CA:

Tax Deed Sales Auction Process for Counties in California:

Most hold their sales in the Springtime, but can be held year round with sale dates being set by the individual county. Investors will need to register prior to the date of the sale. Auctions are conducted through an oral bidding process. The county determines the minimum bid on the properties.

Because of California code (CA GC6254.21), property owner names are usually not disclosed over the phone or on the internet. This makes research tougher, but still do-able. Many California title companies are available and able to assist with this type of records and parcel data research.

Bidding Styles:

California uses a “Premium Bid” method. The starting bid includes all delinquent taxes, penalties, and administrative cost and also may include the minimum selling price set by the county. The property is bid up until a high bid has been established. The top bidder receives the deed to the property. There are two other methods which are rarely used, the first is the “Sealed Bid” and second the “Agreement Sale”.

Tools & Resources for Researching Real Property in California:

Resource Description Instructions and Additional Information
California Association of County Treasurers and Tax Collectors Contact information and websites for all 58 tax collectors in California. Click the county name.
California State Association of Counties Website links for all 58 California counties. Find and select the desired county.
Coordinated Legal Technologies This site provides links for all known GIS sites and/or mapping tools in the counties of California. Find the county; click the link.


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California County Resource Directory

Everything you want to know that about California Tax Line Certificates is a click away. In this table below, you can click on County for links to the County websites, click Census for U.S Census bureau information, see county auction types, population, and click the map image a detailed county map.

County Census Auction Type Population Map
Alameda County 001  Tax Deeds 1,510,271 State map highlighting Alameda County 
Alpine County 003  Tax Deeds 1,175 State map highlighting Alpine County 
Amador County 005  Tax Deeds 38,091 State map highlighting Amador County 
Butte County 007  Tax Deeds 220,000 State map highlighting Butte County 
Calaveras County 009  Tax Deeds 45,578 State map highlighting Calaveras County 
Colusa County 011  Tax Deeds 21,419 State map highlighting Colusa County 
Contra Costa County 013  Tax Deeds 1,049,025 State map highlighting Contra Costa County 
Del Norte County 015  Tax Deeds 28,610 State map highlighting Del Norte County 
El Dorado County 017  Tax Deeds 181,058 State map highlighting El Dorado County 
Fresno County 019  Tax Deeds 930,450 State map highlighting Fresno County 
Glenn County 021  Tax Deeds 28,122 State map highlighting Glenn County 
Humboldt County 023  Tax Deeds 134,623 State map highlighting Humboldt County 
Imperial County 025  Tax Deeds 174,528 State map highlighting Imperial County 
Inyo County 027  Tax Deeds 18,546 State map highlighting Inyo County 
Kern County 029  Tax Deeds 839,631 State map highlighting Kern County 
Kings County 031  Tax Deeds 152,982 State map highlighting Kings County 
Lake County 033  Tax Deeds 64,665 State map highlighting Lake County 
Lassen County 035  Tax Deeds 34,895 State map highlighting Lassen County 
Los Angeles County 037  Tax Deeds 9,818,605 State map highlighting Los Angeles County 
Madera County 039  Tax Deeds 150,865 State map highlighting Madera County 
Marin County 041  Tax Deeds 252,409 State map highlighting Marin County 
Mariposa County 043  Tax Deeds 18,251 State map highlighting Mariposa County 
Mendocino County 045  Tax Deeds 87,841 State map highlighting Mendocino County 
Merced County 047  Tax Deeds 255,793 State map highlighting Merced County 
Modoc County 049  Tax Deeds 9,686 State map highlighting Modoc County 
Mono County 051  Tax Deeds 14,202 State map highlighting Mono County 
Monterey County 053  Tax Deeds 415,057 State map highlighting Monterey County 
Napa County 055  Tax Deeds 136,484 State map highlighting Napa County 
Nevada County 057  Tax Deeds 98,764 State map highlighting Nevada County 
Orange County 059  Tax Deeds 3,010,232 State map highlighting Orange County 
Placer County 061  Tax Deeds 348,432 State map highlighting Placer County 
Plumas County 063  Tax Deeds 20,007 State map highlighting Plumas County 
Riverside County 065  Tax Deeds 2,189,641 State map highlighting Riverside County 
Sacramento County 067  Tax Deeds 1,418,788 State map highlighting Sacramento County 
San Benito County 069  Tax Deeds 55,269 State map highlighting San Benito County 
San Bernardino County 071  Tax Deeds 2,035,210 State map highlighting San Bernardino County 
San Diego County 073  Tax Deeds 3,095,313 State map highlighting San Diego County 
San Francisco County 075  Tax Deeds 805,235 State map highlighting San Francisco County 
San Joaquin County 077  Tax Deeds 685,306 State map highlighting San Joaquin County 
San Luis Obispo County 079  Tax Deeds 269,637 State map highlighting San Luis Obispo County 
San Mateo County 081  Tax Deeds 718,451 State map highlighting San Mateo County 
Santa Barbara County 083  Tax Deeds 423,895 State map highlighting Santa Barbara County 
Santa Clara County 085  Tax Deeds 1,781,642 State map highlighting Santa Clara County 
Santa Cruz County 087  Tax Deeds 262,382 State map highlighting Santa Cruz County 
Shasta County 089  Tax Deeds 177,223 State map highlighting Shasta County 
Sierra County 091  Tax Deeds 3,240 State map highlighting Sierra County 
Siskiyou County 093  Tax Deeds 44,900 State map highlighting Siskiyou County 
Solano County 095  Tax Deeds 413,344 State map highlighting Solano County 
Sonoma County 097  Tax Deeds 483,878 State map highlighting Sonoma County 
Stanislaus County 099  Tax Deeds 514,453 State map highlighting Stanislaus County 
Sutter County 101  Tax Deeds 94,737 State map highlighting Sutter County 
Tehama County 103  Tax Deeds 63,463 State map highlighting Tehama County 
Trinity County 105  Tax Deeds 13,786 State map highlighting Trinity County 
Tulare County 107  Tax Deeds 442,179 State map highlighting Tulare County 
Tuolumne County 109  Tax Deeds 55,365 State map highlighting Tuolumne County 
Ventura County 111  Tax Deeds 823,318 State map highlighting Ventura County 
Yolo County 113  Tax Deeds 200,849 State map highlighting Yolo County 
Yuba County 115  Tax Deeds 72,155 State map highlighting Yuba County

Reference Site Source:

California County Map

Local Real Estate Clubs

San Jose Real Estate Investors Club
Website: Contact: Geraldine Barry
When: 1st Thursday of the Month 6:15pm
Where: Maggiano’s Restaurant on Santana Row
San Jose

New Real Estate Investors Club-Yuba/Sutter
Website: Contact: Krystal Migliore
Email: Telephone: 530-846-7200
When: 2nd Thursday of month, 6:00pm
Best Western Bonanza Inn 1001 Clark Ave
Yuba City

Real Estate Investor’s Club Of Los Angeles
Website: Contact: Phyllis Rockover
Telephone: (310) 205-4510
When: 2nd Tuesday of the Month 7:30pm
Where: Ramada Hotel
Culver City

San Diego Creative Investor’s Association
Website: Contact: C.J. Palmieri – President
Telephone: (619) 497-4480
When: 2nd Thursday of the Month 6:30pm
Where: Holiday Inn
Mission Valley

Orange County Real Estate Club (OCRE Club)
Contact: Norm Rockmael
Telephone: (949) 726-8446
When: 1st Thursday of each Month – 6:30pm
Where: 888 San Clemente
Newport Beach

Bay Area Investor’s Educational Services (BAIES)
Contact: Bill Snipes
Telephone: (510) 339-9014
When: 1st Tuesday of each Month – 6:30pm
Where: Marines Memorial Hotel
San Francisco

Inland Valleys Real Estate Marketors
Contact: Thom Bohan
Telephone: (909) 224-4217
When: 3rd Tuesday of the month – 9:00am
Where: Home Town Buffet

Southern California Real Estate Investment Club
Contact: Larry Wingo
Telephone: (888) 325-0000
When: 1st Tuesday of the month – 7:00pm
Where: 2305 West 190th St.
Redondo Beach

San Francisco Investors Resource Center
Website: Contact: Bob or Tim Hundley
Email: Telephone: (650) 508-1195
When: 2nd Tuesday of each month, 6:30 PM
Where: Sheraton Hotel, 600 Airport Blvd

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