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I wanted to share this Focus Friday recording with you from last week that shows me explaining how to implement the strategies of getting tax sale properties, both liens and deeds, using the Command Center resources. 

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Safe, Solid Growth In Tax Liens Without Stock Market Volatility

If you’re terrified of the prospect of losing your life’s savings in the coming stock market crash – anyone who watches the market knows that what goes up will come down in dramatic, devastating fashion – you owe it to yourself and your future financial success to carefully compare your investment options before dropping a single dollar into the stock market.

Stock Market: Not All Its Cracked Up to Be

Many of us are told from a very young age to invest money in the stock market because its one of the surest ways of growing your money. What they don’t tell you, either because they don’t know or they don’t want you to know, is that stocks are risky wealth creation strategies.


While the major stock indices have gone up dramatically over the last year or so, stocks are based on little more than faith. Stock price is based on a combination of market confidence in the company, its products, net income and other subjective financial factors. And just because a company’s fundamentals look good is no guarantee that the market won’t punish a company for not reaching even higher thresholds of wealth, even when common sense says the stock price defies logic.


Trillions of dollars in stock market value can be lost in the blink of an eye. For instance, let word of regulatory issues, unfounded rumors or a lawsuit hit the news wires, and you very quickly know what it’s like to own a worthless – or nearly worthless – piece of paper.

Stock Provides Only A Promise of Future Value

In most cases, owning stock simply means that your shares are worth what the overall market says they are worth. If you buy Company stock A for $15 per share and the price increases to $20 per share in a year’s time, you only realize that gain in the event that you sell the stock while prices are high. If the price plummets before you get a chance to unload it, you could experience a net loss on your investment.


Inflation Wreaks Havoc On Stocks

QE1, QE2, QE3? Government money printing artificially inflates the value of stocks and similar investments, meaning that stock certificates are worth much less than you think they are. The reason for this is simple: The purchasing power of those dollars will be sharply reduced, even in a year’s time. Throw in the fact that stocks rarely provide owners to receive an income from those asset classes, and it’s relatively easy to see that stock ownership can be a pathway to poverty (even if things might look good on the surface).

Major Danger In Stocks: Buy Now, Hope For Growth

One of the biggest dangers inherent to stock market investing is the fact that you buy at X price, gambling that over time the value of the stock might rise – and it could. It’s also possible that the value could drop like a rock, taking with it most or even all of your investment. Stocks are inherently risky. It’s incredibly difficult to minimize your loss exposure when gambling on the stock market.


Tax Lien And Tax Deed Investing: Safer, More Lucrative Choices

Now let’s compare the earnings potential with tax liens and tax deeds. First and foremost, these investments are inherently safer. State legislatures in all 50 states have set the terms and conditions controlling how tax liens and tax deeds work. The rate of interest earned on tax liens is set by the state and backed by real estate.


As a tax lien or tax deed investor, you don’t risk loss the way you do when investing in the stock market. What limited risk that comes with the tax lien and tax deed investing territory is minimal – and can easily be managed by doing due diligence before investing a penny. The same absolutely cannot be said for stock market investing.

Potential For Massive Returns In Tax Liens and Tax Deeds

While a stock market investor might feel lucky to generate a cash-on-cash return of 30%-40%, the norm is closer to 8%-10% – with numerous examples of net loss years occurring in the last 50 years. Tax lien investors can see returns of up to 24% in several states, without the risk and other issues associated with stock market investing. The velocity factor could even bring it above 35%.


If you want to increase your cash-on-cash earnings potential, tax deed investing offers much higher rates of return. For instance, it is possible to get your hands on a property for as little as $1000 – one worth $100,000 (depending on the location). This would be a 19,900% rate of return. While this doesn.t happen every day, it can – and does – happen.  Especially if you know HOW to look!

Tax Lien and Tax Deed Key to Success

The real key to success in tax liens and tax deeds is knowledge. For instance, all states aren’t equally good in which to invest in tax liens or tax deeds. In fact, some states are terrible investing options. So it’s crucial that you know which states in which you should invest before spending a penny anywhere.


While it’s possible to earn a decent living by investing in tax liens and tax deeds, your best chances for serious earnings comes from partnering with a company with the experiences, knowledge and successful track record that can help you navigate the minefield that can keep you from reaping the financial rewards you deserve.


We have a wealth of information available, including tips, strategies and other success ideas that can help this year the year that helps you turn the corner to true financial independence. You can learn more at

Tax Deed Investing: Opportunity For Explosive Growth

If the thought of potentially owning a $100k-$200k property for as little as $2k-$5k dollars appeals to you, tax deed investing very well could be the catalyst that drives your deal flow as a real estate investor.

What A tax Deed Is

County governments sell tax deeds to investors as a means of collecting unpaid property taxes after all other collection efforts have failed. For anyone uninitiated in the way county government is financed, property taxes are typically the largest source of revenue to counties. Right or wrong, property taxes are here to stay. As long as there are property taxes, there will be people who fail to pay those taxes for one reason or another. That’s where tax deeds come in.


A county governmental body holds a “high bid” auction and issues a tax deed when a property owner fails to pay their property taxes for several years, and all other collection efforts have failed. Investors who invest in tax deeds are given the legal right of ownership of the property.  Some states have a statutory right of redemption period even on this deed. (Redemption occurs when the property owner pays all property taxes, special assessments, penalties and interest associated with their unpaid property taxes.)  90% of tax deed states do not have a redemption period on this type of tax deed like a tax lien would. A handful of states like Texas, South Carolina, and Georgia do have a redemption on the deed. Otherwise you own it right then and there.

If There is a Redemption in Those States

If redemption applies, as a tax deed investor you are all but guaranteed reimbursement for your initial investment (plus interest) because property taxes absolutely must be paid. If they aren’t, you are the owner, depending on the procedures of the state or county in which you invest.


If the property owner redeems the deed, you get your money back with interest – a financial win. If they don’t, you have the potential to reap the rewards while simultaneously becoming incredibly wealthy.  It’s a home-run either way.

Tax Deed Investing Is a Great way to Own Real Estate

I know it almost sounds too good to be true, but tax deed investing is an incredible method of deal flow. Mailing to owners with a property going to tax sale is a fantastic marketing tool, and finding tax deeds already owned by the county is also very lucrative.  You simply cant afford to miss these opportunities.

Won’t the Lender Just Pay The Property Taxes?

I’ve seen many would-be tax deed investors opt out of investing because they erroneously believe that there’s no way a tax deed investor could ever take title to a property by investing in tax deeds. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.


Powerful Profit Potential In Tax Deed Investing

One of the most enticing reasons for investing in tax deeds isn’t the fact that you can gain ownership if tax deeds you hold aren’t redeemed during the redemption period. You can undoubtedly reap financial rewards by foreclosing, then quickly selling the property.  By the way, most of these do not have people in the home.  We have yet to ever evict a homeowner. The only eviction we’ve done is a squatter!


If, however, you opt to hold onto properties that you gain ownership of through the tax deed foreclosure process, your incredible financial opportunity can pay massive dividends.


As you probably already know, the residential real estate market has been through one of its most challenging periods since the Great Depression. Prices made a beeline for the basement, leaving millions of Americans with sharply devalued properties.


Real estate investors and tax deed investors who are able to buy low have the most to gain. As the market goes up, owners of properties will see the value of their investments skyrocket. By holding properties of which you gain ownership through the tax deed foreclosure process, you can set yourself up for unparalleled profit potential – now and in the future.


Flipping properties for fast cash is an option, but holding them can accelerate your explosive growth potential, especially if you marry holding with other profit strategies like owner financing, lease options, etc.

Tax Deed Investing Profits: All That’s Missing Is You

As long as Americans struggle with unemployment, debt, credit issues and find themselves unable to pay their property tax bills in a timely fashion, the profit potential in tax deed investing is going to be a driving force for astute, forward-thinking investors who desire a safe investing environment.


If you’re one of them, it’s time that you seriously consider making tax deed investing a major piece of your financial success puzzle. You’ll be glad you did!


If you want to learn more about getting Elite Training in the best Real Estate investing model on the planet,

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  1. That was an honest post and true. I’ve read that other Trainer know that people buy courses and stick it on the shelf. It’s almost like Gym memberships. They get you to sign up and after a couple of months, they know most people fade away but still pay the monthly fee. Can you imagine if everyone kept going to the gym? It would be so crowded!

    I agree with everything Corey said. I am a house flipper but I need something not as competitive and a faster return. As Corey said, everyone is fighting for the same houses in REO and Short Sales, even Trustee Sales!

    Thank you for the mental boost!

  2. Corey,
    Your blog concerning the need for personal discipline as an indispensible component for success in any endever is well written. The sentences were clear,and had strong impact. I have studied and practiced these principles. I know they are true, and they do absolutely produce the desired results. At the risk of sounding too dramatic, I would further say,this is axiomatic wisdom of the ages.There is nothing new about it.

    If I may, I would add one other indispencable element which I beleive to be required,and that is perserverance. Even if a person gets reved up at a seminar or book reading, and is filled with conviction and resolve, if two weeks later the world has distracted them, it is crucial they find strength to stay the course. This can be very difficult since it requires self discipline and perserverance to do what needs to be done instead of what one wants to do. But,really,although it’s difficult to do, it is really only a small thing.Do it,and it’s done. Past the task lies success. In other words, hang with it till you get what you came for.

  3. Corey,
    I believe your blog on goal setting and motivation was great. The only other thing probably to add is stick with it till you get what you came for.

  4. I was really looking forward to going to your event in March until I saw that it would cost $1997 for 1 person. My partner is my husband and I wanted us both to attend, but not at that price for each of us. Maybe in the future you will consider a discount for 2 people or maybe even stretching out the payment plan a bit more. Also how often do you have these event? Maybe by the end of the year, spending 4k would be a piece of cake but right now we can’t afford the ingredients.

    I think your program is awesome!!

    • I appreciate the kind words, we’re creating more great stuff as we speak.

      We havent worked out our event schedule yet, but it looks like June. The event page is from last year!

      It’ll likely be 1997 for TWO to go, spouse or biz partner. We’ll have a payment plan also of course, we dont want any hurdles to going, it’s just so expensive to host an event worth coming to.

  5. The video content was very clear and informative. I am in the process of trying to get my training strategies and training schedule in line. I’m looking forward to completing the TaxSalesTraining course with complete diligence and expertise. I will call for more verbal support to make sure my studies are on track. THX.

  6. Hi there, Where I can download the Investing Real Estate using your self directed IRA/ 401K letter form Cama Plan mentioned on elite program DVD 6?
    Thanks in advanced

  7. Is it just me or has anyone noticed that a ton of links on this site don’t work.
    I just signed up, paid good money for the entire program and so far I have been getting nowhere – except listening to videos of course.
    I went to Over-The-Counter and none of those links work.
    Other pages take me to a link that says “No Webpage”
    Another says “Down for Maintenance”.
    I am getting nowhere.

    • Sharon,

      We don’t control the pages for where the OTC links go. They are county links to where the county had posted their list at one time.
      A quick look around their website should get you to the list.
      If not, that’s what we have tickets for, and the list request services to help with.

      What “ton of links” don’t work? Can you please be specific in an email, or phone call, or support ticket so we can look.
      The Comment section is not checked for support issues. We have phone, email and support ticket link on every page of the site you can easily contact us with a specific problem.

      Kim can call you today to address these.

      Fortris Support

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