Arizona Tax Lien Certificates

Sale Type: Tax Lien Certificate
Interest Rate: 16 % per annual
Bid Method: Bid down interest rate
Redemption Period: 3 years
Sale Date(s): Annually (February)
Statute Section(s): Arizona Revised Statutes – Title 42, CH 18
Over-the-Counter: Yes
State Website:

Rate of Return:

Arizona rate of return is 16% on a Tax Lien Certificate.

Bidding Type:

Bid Down Interest – Bidders compete through lowering their acceptable interest rate of return. Bidders will pay the combined total of all delinquent property taxes, penalties and fees.

Redemption Period:

Property owners have a 3 year period to repay the delinquent taxes and penalties. Any time after the redemption period, but not exceeding 10 years, the investor may initiate foreclosure with the superior court in the county that the property is located in.

Arizona Resources:

Resource Description Instructions and Additional Information
Cochise County Treasurer Website Links to each of the 14 other county treasurers’ sites. Click the county name to go to the treasurer’s website.
Arizona Attorney Mark Manoil’s Website Addresses and phone numbers for each treasurer in Arizona. Scroll down on the page to locate the desired county/treasurer.


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Arizona County Resource Directory

Everything you want to know that about Arizona Tax Line Certificates is a click away. In this table below, you can click on County for links to the County websites, click Census for U.S Census bureau information, see county auction types, population, and click the map image a detailed county map.

County Census Auction Type Population Map
Apache County 001  Tax Lien 69,980 State map highlighting Apache County
Cochise County 003  Tax Lien 127,866 State map highlighting Cochise County
Coconino County 005  Tax Lien 223,214 State map highlighting Coconino County
Gila County 007  Tax Lien 51,994 State map highlighting Gila County
Graham County 009  Tax Lien 34,769 State map highlighting Graham County
Greenlee County 011  Tax Lien 7,754 State map highlighting Greenlee County
La Paz County 012  Tax Lien 20,172 State map highlighting La Paz County
Maricopa County 013  Tax Lien 3,990,181 State map highlighting Maricopa County
Mohave County 015  Tax Lien 194,944 State map highlighting Mohave County
Navajo County 017  Tax Lien 111,273 State map highlighting Navajo County
Pima County 019  Tax Lien 1,003,235 State map highlighting Pima County
Pinal County 021  Tax Lien 324,962 State map highlighting Pinal County
Santa Cruz County 023  Tax Lien 42,845 State map highlighting Santa Cruz County
Yavapai County 025  Tax Lien 212,635 State map highlighting Yavapai County
Yuma County 027  Tax Lien 190,557 State map highlighting Yuma County

Reference Site Source:

Arizona County Map

Local Real Estate Clubs

Arizona Real Estate Investors Association Contact: Alan Langston
Email: Telephone: (866)-892-7342
When: Every 3rd Tuesday of Every Month 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Where: Doubletree Hotel 445 S. Alvernon Way, TucsonTucson Real Estate Exchangors
Contact: Art Kelly
Telephone: (520) 884-5315
When: Every Wednesday of the Month 8:00am
Where: Elk’s Lodge, 2404 E. River Rd., TucsonValley Real Estate Investors
Contact: James or Miquela Daniels
Telephone: (480) 756-8855
When: 4th Saturday of every Month 11:00am
Where: South Eastern Library,
(SE Corner – Greenfield & Guadalupe, GilbertPhoenix Real Estate Club Contact: Brooke Weitkunat
Email: Telephone: (602)-944-2906
When: 3rd Tuesday of every Month 7:00pm
Where: Crowne Plaza Hotel
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